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tv   RT News  PBS  February 1, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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russia's foreign minister in question as to the news edition of the standoff in ukraine. hosking european leaders with a violent riots have anything to do with democracy. so fighting in syria. the first eight months reaches the palestinian refugee camp in damascus with dozens of stuff to death. he met some of those who become hostages of war. meanwhile the us sends a warning to us on. they will be referred to the security council. for chapter seven secretary of
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state john kerry veterans of military action against syria if the destruction of its chemical weapons is delayed any further. the flap but on battlefields to give you a look at the bright new ski center and saw she had the trails on its lips ready to host the upcoming winter gear. they share the good stuff today with us here or on the international and will receive a shame that the lakers will use its pressures of four necessity allow for office those european politicians to look closer at the violence used by protesters in ukraine and asked what that has anything to do with democracy. he was addressing the global security forum in munich exactly where aunties
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eucalyptus can offer us. gray and the situation is that really what are the key issues on the table here in munich and one of the first things that russia's foreign minister lavrov talked about was the situation that in fact he criticized the way the european union and the wind so we thought it had been dealing with the situation there and their approach. what does the incitement of it in the increasingly violent street protests have to do with promoting democracy and why don't we hear the condemnation of those scenes at old government buildings attacked the police to which the police. he's a racist and anti semitic anti slogans line on many prominent european politicians actually it's encouraging sister to look back home but acquitted should they be punished. any violations of cool. now one of the first meetings that took place here in munich last night was the one between one of the leaders of the ukrainian opposition are
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singing it's a new pretend to be chairman president and even though the president's polls here in germany is the somewhat of a formal position may still saw it as a paint that ukraine would take up much off of the talks here and we know that mr youtube is also scheduled to meet separately with us secretary of state john kerry while. ukrainian officials were also taken part in the conference there are not scheduled to meet with any of these people individually and many are criticizing of these countries for perhaps for conducting this one sided approach to the situation clearly syria as one of the most important issues are talked about right now since so well. the first attempts to a get well size of the carpet to sit down and negotiate peacefully. has just happened to univision the weapon is a ladbrokes commented on the latest statements coming out of washington state authorities are still far from the ceiling with it the agreements on the chemical arms deal is that this is really right now
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your time for a new altered maidens. also of the foreign minister reminded that this year the world is that of mark one hundred years since the start of the first war world war and sad that so everyone still remember what policies of national that's absolutely true. the two men called on europe and on the united states will soon return to the policy of building one choice. one chore into a wall in peace and collaboration. once again saying that set up while until russia receives the guarantees from the us it so to see its plans for the anti missile defense system in europe as a potential threat to its national security. did you go to school twice but it has a short while ago here on the program in the meantime an estimated eighteen thousand people including many women and children remain trapped in the rebel held a got milk a palestinian refugee camp of us in the southern part of damascus hundreds of relief apostles of finally managed to reach to come for the first time in several months. that's too
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late for least eighty five people who find that since the middle of last year from illness and starvation posses them or if a motion of the trip inside the rebel and cry the end of the battlegrounds of the fruit of seeming more and very hearts of the country at the edge of finishing strong colt. this is the iconic scene and can't get into mass graves that passed the house by the mittens from albany year now we know not to go any further because it's been happening to people who opted for more than six nation deal ron told us that the ros not freeze and unwrapped content in times of base building it's not only from pulling teeth to him and dani. the pc does this already said to have died from starvation. a new route to the siege began food and water supplies. i rolled down theres no food
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nothing can be contained in a lincoln center inside. i spent a solid profit. i wanted to stop button you tell i just want to go on they want to go down to the current contract. he's holding the can hone in on him and held him and to denounce briefly to dream team today to cbt time consuming and palestinian officials can review and their families remain unsigned. so the house. it seems to care. well it took until one in christ. it's collapses to the ground no one can tell a success. wine one a gun to a dying from hunger. i take this anymore me tearing eighties the only team to come. the us case responsible holding those included in the room and not
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only the mittens hands the sea. no one can be any guarantee. siege has become a popular tactic among the rebel forces in syria just recently we went to the next row seat to conjure up outside damascus according to army gen is at least five thousand feeling trapped and. cj saved well to wreaking on his capabilities keeping large forces tied up for long periods of time the having nothing to do. no they don't give the award and go to the cleaner the sitting government is seeking the palestinians. you want to desert the truth by saying the sitting government as part of the killing for. we don't have anything to protect the people they want people to keep the regime well what are you accusations over the inaction of the syrian authorities allowed indeed government officials maintain that it tends to infiltrate into the seat is the first place. can't complain. they continually told to fight back. we see
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billions could be hairy. and thousands of ordinary people all of this the remaining hostage inside the room homes weekend for help. twenty three years into this conflict that could prove very long way to the beach this notion osteen syrian us secretary of state has warned syria been a failure to eliminate its chemical stockpiles by july the result unfolds being used against it russia's foreign minister responded by insisting no ultimatum should be set amish depression go look for more. officer in the british army's chemical defence regiment. he believes the standoff between syria's government and the opposition is hampering the removal of his unconventional weapons the always been great. he still uses a pc ambitious by going out for the tip of the russian federation us we just wouldn't be that the majority of these temples because this property must
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stop. north of damascus. we we know it is no point to this day only contested aaron's house today for him as a beacon on so i hope getting on the apocalypse is thrown into the narrow many sites this in your position you don't appear to be helping. realize that un resolution which passed the chemicals made us this area. this is aussie international the olympic torch relay finally come to an end in just a couple of days. so the playoffs are achieving some very impressive heights the humans tell i enjoyed maple still insulting is the end and so begins the final stage of israel i think that all of your school is. oh for the help we hear of a program in store fat is skyrocketing to a nine year high. we find out what's forcing people in the uk to steal from the show
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the eye. aye. having friends in nigeria. well plan still flashback to that seven when the badgers first up the to tickle the liquidity crisis which led to the financial crash and burn which led to the dogs in the central bank stop unwanted ads while astral plane in from their imaginary helicopter has a lot. makes you larger and one tape or make you smile the money. the kids do doesn't do anything at all go ask janet. wednesday's ten feet tall. guess is that a whole bad round trip to nowhere. a few. i was like to do with it leading to seep into every test we seem to
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turn into good use. the key to the media missed the message and its most vile name on the planet is now the method to define but in reality each night. if it's not only the news it didn't happen right. in the interview. i have been the good . the distorted us
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welcome to the program to run on team cannot fill up him up and coming soon but for now the fly finger discount is no longer the domain of bored kids and petty criminals in britain. many are now resorting to shoplifting for their basic needs. saudis playboy care has been fighting on. the cold and friends act on this in my hands on physical compulsion todd to come online to find that lack. now few people in the sand and daring it's going to miss . i'm talking about shoplifting. keep that they don't eat even a smaller team the big game. even that expensive but she will look at villa did just that. when the box and the wool cap according to the british retail consortium of aftershocks. tonight was that high and the biggest increase
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in food facts. the same as in the extreme wealth and cuts unemployment shop that day we've seen people it's easy to show for it to maintain their previous lifestyle and diminishing budgets and police forces of proactively tata tea chocolate is we have a sixteen them are off up to help get a peek and see on the fading to a man. for all of it. wanna live in. within and if the kid to get started on the camera via bb the increase takes a lexicon so well that pain instead of saying predestined or abiding citizens. the sample of its kind in the pa several months and fruitful has been criticized. julie and tell women especially when there's a pull shot. current afford to buy essential items like one piece. page two of the so hard that the mormon. some
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bump above ground people and did so with this but to forget it. what would that do the stakes are maintained as many talents and that the spa from about ten minutes crying aunt karen and i know fits into the street one of the nine hundred million pounds. i was on the side of the shops like this one kind boss community so that was like a auntie london. when the system global headlines increase for you here or not to international special to be defiant and anti government demonstration in thailand it injuring at least three of a gunfight erupted as supporters of the prime minister crushed with her opponents. abundance is spiraling in thailand ahead of sunday's election which the opposition has vowed to boycott and disrupt. two in albany yemen to go where fighting between pro government rinds and shia rebels has left at least sixty dead. well at least fifteen soldiers were killed by militants east of the capital in an ambush them on the checkpoint. yemen has been trying to restore
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stability since president saleh was forced to step down i two thousannd elevenndreds os clashed with police over the fictional chronically ill man in the spanish capital madrid. activists accused officers of siding with pale lips in order to make a sick man homeless. the strains of strict and repossession was the to hundreds of thousands being evicted during the ongoing debt crisis. this one was killed and thousands injured. supporters and opponents a form of press in omaha but more seat time in a number of cities all across egypt. please having to use teargas to disperse the molds in the capital cairo to roadside bomb was with death negative right next to a police vehicle. this last weekend. around sixty people would kill the rally is held to mark the two thousand and eleven uprising. when violence erupted between pro and anti more secrets the two thousand to fourteen could herald the end of direct us mini train involvement in afghanistan
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but that doesn't necessarily mean piece of private security contractors are still likely to be left behind. one company formerly the notorious block walk to operate in iraq until accusations the employees killed civilians back in two thousand and seven. aunties sophie koh programs but to erik prince who founded the company. the setting your mind where guards not investigate their station to kill and on check the pulse and that's from your book that's a direct quote but what did the right to be taping that way. well look there their they're performing in defense of mission. so you know the everyday you in between iraq and afghanistan the company more than a hundred thousand missions protect emissions and no one under our care was ever killed or injured. and each time there was an independence where our men and use their weapons as documented in and of all those times in the use of weapons or so comes out to less than one half of one percent of those of those
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incidents so the idea that there are trigger happy is just it's not accurate the zonta international alter sixty five thousand km by car train lane rope didn't even ring via the elliptical which is close to the end of a two record breaking realize how oneness with the sock she wears doing a couple of days the torch travel to some challenging spots including europe's highest peak mt helpers on skis poles gone past. on its journey across the world's largest country in unpaid torch was always going to experience some highs and some wires and it has now completed one of those why didn't the client has been at the top of mt albert switches the highest
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peak in europe. a team of five experienced mountain is because of the summit. it is more than five. the hoff thousand meters above sea level but it is now in the final stages of that relate to whether i parent celtic in a few days time ahead of the ending ceremony which is now less than a week away on a tangent this blog beginning to time to the sport and was told that russia has traditionally had success in his last one of my colleague to bottom upside for the about the new puppet go straight to the office country skiing on fire from santa. b b b has been the air the data i did the blowout was in heaven walls and power away. he decided to choose death the getting married to an old print. thus it's not just in time to this mindset and
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as a reminder that winter would you mind had to die for me. you need to deal with this can't be a mix of full the accident that the entire nation house in the us and the errands to whatever the ones that really that gold's you can get since the sochi twenty fourteen the cross country skiing and confident going into the final round. all the niceness and hit the middle and a new state of the art facilities. such a family on the loans by a mamak. i didn't told the grounds a mistake you can see the maps and complex without getting my feet wet he is a city state keeps a shooting attack. say. i didn't care what they say that's all to bring everybody together at points. i'm not just for us but for everybody this little guy here. cause it isn't very demanding and has seen cases where these came to mind and save
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the energy. the height of one thousand five hundred mi tis the season and all the oxygen also makes it much. conifer the compact it is to me. this venue with it by powerful lungs out when kate and talent the games will be held will be filled with spectators as well as both men and sports when and why that is with a starting point gold will begin mother nature has helped not just men and ladies. how nice it is to say it's a balancing the state in the stocks of the whistle. wanted to buy was a kid in you up to date with everything that's happening in so she can follow our coverage right here were not see or post it on to talk. here yet. would
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you rate the london games the husband has his eye sight i'm not the andromeda is on my fire. the london aussie gold from the upcoming games inspired some artists to head outdoors despite the biting frost on the building and that being the sculptures a gallery of there by steam up the pieces of wood in four years right now about to book called the courtesy of al video agency to play. what if the that this is well rather curious up. nasa's snapshots showing the same spoke on mars before not to out of the blue around and dover not shave old textbooks and a framed or not to talk all we can find out why this led one of a stroke while rich but his apologists to actually fall. lol suit against an upset. accusing it of hiding this and numerous other suspicious space objects right from the sea i
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couldn't picture the reporters later the animal. the above instead of the mountains very soon for now but it's really democracy is embracing cyberspace. the government has admitted it pays some students to say nice things about it on social networks now it's using facebook rather than face to face meetings to last the what it wants. or a slayer exports this new kind of politics going to scientists face the condiments on facebook and its uses up a huge estate is risen. citizen's right to the end the page with what they want to change sometimes you can bet that if the rights and hollow. and
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we take the so called winds in the two was the pick of the bill for parliament but seeing his dna is suitable for the next day to bishop wilton it'll be lovely for the citizens. with its peers to the ground. this usage enemy to democracy is turning citizens into connotations for a long time not to be in the hunt was fed up with the high cost of three teams have it. she posted about it the suggestions made small fines can too cold to begin a police state agencies. it's now i'm going to wait for the coming along. i think it's the thrill and direct flights to think of men acting as things have been thinking that it was amazing mom and feeding threatened by this new brand of sight the activists moral connotations all seen the potential of coping with the constituents online within that the should be a part in creating policy in legislation before coming here is a very very powerful tool in politics. this will be in the new revolution
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everything concerning today it to the connections between us and the which y'know he's not enough he's not good enough to make schools obedient making haunting single mother is cheap and i fisherman's was so fun and i think would be the next the foam off the boat takes over the world. it might be the ancient greeks to introduce the will to democracy. today's generation is one takeaway comes to fixing it. portis the rt ten of them. one as promised are an aussie international of iraq and i'm breaking this ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. room. take me out to the ball game. take me through the metal detectors
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so wait that's not how the song goes. well as the country changes. sadly so must the national pastime the shuttle mir has released a statement that they like all other teams for twenty fifteen are setting up metal detectors to screen all fans entering the stadium target decisions of hotdog two home runs now or ever will be able to tell their grandkids about how their bags got searched because that little buttons that company name stadium baseball memories the team's management is also continuing their ban on bags larger than forty by forty five twenty seven years because if you're going to stick an explosive device it'd better be compact their body. maybe i'm jumping the gun male actors kept such a gentle sport to a naked bodies can hear probably the least intrusive common form of security scan then again think about it what you had some tears from falling apart densely packed crowd of people the stadium to the mlb wants teams to create densely packed lives of people outside the stadium before the game starts. the security measures really stop the psychotic murder. nope
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that's just my opinion i am japan's war supplies taken from the nation's rivers using tongs to helmand river water is filtered and stamina to remove pneumonia and organic contaminants the result is wall to the safe to drink straight from the top. i know. today japan also uses leading edge diesel emission technology to obtain drinking in coastal regions like fukuoka and okinawa. this images like this convert sea water into drinkable fresh water. sea water is pumped through these theres a twenty centimeter diameter place. he started
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towards sixty five kilograms per square centimeter pressure is applied to extra holes. the secret is this member. well that multiple layers and sorry beach hut he looks just like that. but it actually consists of compass holds less than a nano meat to pot. let's see what happens to this coffee the membrane can make it filters out the dark coffee reducing the award the entry to field two compounds can be discounted is wasteful. he's a member in between russians and poles and governmental process called osmosis. it was close
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to the membrane to balance the soul to its new system apply pressure on the sequel to a fresh milk is produced only saw the man the salesman says his county's seven. japanese companies in the pc membrane so far in the ninety nine point eight percent of all foreign seas chemicals in two weeks. a bit of food to eat on all this japanese technology believes the one some emotion pumpkin extract fifty thousand tonnes of fish from an intake of one hundred thousand tonnes of seed. it contains about three point five cents. off to the summit nation the freshwater cost less than zero point zero five. because these japanese my membranes room and saw some fish. they require different institutions that hold
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the sixty s reply to the wall place safe removal efficiency and low energy requirements. seventy percent of the membranes used in water treatment plants worldwide the japanese way mounted water treatment equipment using this technology. when you do for an effective tool. coping with the unprecedented devastation of the great east opponents the snow image the structure points twenty three will reduce us to stop here the stream technology has been used. the sovereign
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nation. meeting at remembering to come contributing to the supply of fresh water throughout the world. new wing will warm you will. i liked it and use your elves to come in instead the german capital on a warm welcome to our highlights of this sermon here's a quick look at what's in the pipeline that is progress like most houses are the models cut a finger at people with children in half a way with words. that means that next year as european capital of culture with a chain of books. the art of french sculptor create the insulating


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